Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One isn't always lonely: Thing 19

One sentence. Of the Web 2.0 Award Winners, this was (of the ones I had not previously explored) my favorite. It's the writing-major in me. I love projects like this. Create a story in one word. It appeals to the Keep It Simple Stupid method of writing that was enforced upon me by Strunk and White, my favorite English professor , and every editor I ever had.

I enjoyed reading through and wondering which ones were real. In a way, it reminded me of Overheard in New York.

Here's a few:

On especially quiet mornings I jolt awake because I am reminded of the morning I wasn't awoken by your tiny cries.

skankin' rob
My boss, who has no college degree and can barely utter a coherent syllable let alone an articulate sentence, is the supervisor of a Yale Graduate with far too much debt.

prom sucked.

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